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#스케이트보드 #롱보드 #헬멧 선택법! 이 영상 보고 내 헬멧 찾자!

보드 탈 때 꼭 필요한 헬멧! 디자인,가격,브랜드 별로 엄청 많은 헬멧들이 시중에 나와있는데요!
오늘은 어떤 헬멧이 나에게 맞는 헬멧인지, 어떤 헬멧을 선택해야 할 것인가에 대하여
보드코리아 뚝섬점 팀장이자 스케잇스쿨 강사! 김지휘 팀장님이 재밌게 설명해주십니다.
내 머리를 보호하는 만큼 헬멧만큼은 투자를 아끼지 말자! 꼭 인증받은 제대로 된 헬멧을 사용하세요~

* 오프라인으로 보드를 배워보고 싶다면? 보드코리아 카페로! ▶

* 보딩라이프의 모든것 보드코리아 ▶

* 이 세상 보드의 모든것! 송대장 티비 ▶

CS:GO - When should you buy a helmet?

In a perfect world, all the time. But there are situations where you may be better opting for just a vest and saving yourself $350, like when the enemy team is buying AK47's or if it's the difference between you buying a good weapon and a bad one.

0:26 - Damage with / without helmet. Thanks to Slothsquadron and Blackretina's spreadsheed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuOy-5I1VcBMdGZmYndxUjctc1VNUDZHTXJFUE9Dbmc#gid=0
1:30 - Strange exception to rule
2:20 - Reason for buying helmet any way
3:30 - Rebuy problem and possible solution

A few disclaimers, since this topic leaves a lot of room for nitpicking. Although the damage calculated is mathematically correct, in practice it's rounded down and 0-unit distances are impossible, so in practice the damage you can inflict with a weapon is 1-2 below the figures shown at 0:27. And there are weird fringe cases like how people may switch to a weaker side-arm, or how damage drops off at a distance. But a bit like the wallbang-headshot example that I do cover, they're pretty unlikely and aren't really worth the time it would take to mention them in this video.

Check the Reddit article here: https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/63ljgj/why_do_pros_do_this_when_they_know_that_the_enemy/
And the 1 armour damage page here: https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/61mbwb/magisk_was_saving_kevlar_so_he_could_buy_head/

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솔직히 이런 퀄리티 헬멧은 잘 팔려야 정상이다 #케이플러스#헬멧추천

유유자덕은 취미로 자전거를 즐기는 일반인입니다.

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